Customised Beats

Listen to some of our customized Beats.

Our experienced, multi-instrumental studio producers compose original, custom instrumentals in BubezBeatz studio at Belgium location. If you need a custom music track for your project, or if you have lyrics and a vocal melody but need an original instrumental to sing to, we offer flat rate quotes for any type of custom music composition.

How does it work?

Start with our order form. Tell us how you’d like your beat to be produced. Complete your order and upload a rough sketch of your song to our web site.`

What can I send you?

Anything you’ve got! A simple scratch track of your song will do. If you’re adding our composing service to your production, you can send us a vocals-only sketch or even just your lyrics and a reference song!

100% risk-free?

YES! We let you hear each step of the production and get your approval before moving to the next step.
If you wish to terminate the process for any reason, we will refund your money in full for any step that you didn’t approve.

What is the Price?

We offer flat rate quotes of 99.9$ for any type of custom beat composition.