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So, lets do it… here are the 5 mixing and mastering mistakes you can not afford to make.

I want to share, some common mixing and mastering mistakes i see  musicians and producers make. I have seen both experienced and upcoming producers and musicians make this errors in including myself.

1 You don’t use reference track

It is a known fact that our ears need to get re-calibrated every once in a while. When you mix without a reference track you will definately  get lost in your own project. From ear fatigue to terrible mixing decisions, avoiding a reference track is asking for trouble. Better yet, make sure you take a break not getting enough break puts your ears through a clinical form of torture and is often the #1 reason why mixes lack proper gain structure and generally lack a sense of professionalism and commercial viability. 

2.  You outsource your mastering work

Most musicians and producers think it’s ok to outsource their mastering project, especially when they are busy with lots of projects on their desk. The problem with outsourcing your mastering isn’t the cost. It is the fact that you’ll never get to know how your music sounds as a finished product until you receive it from the mastering engineer.

This means, every time you mix and edits, you are theoretically working blind because you don’t know how your track will sound once it gets to your mastering engineer .

3.  You only check your mix on your studio monitor

If all goes according to plan, the music you are making will be heard on any system imaginable; laptops, speakers, car stereos, club speakers, i phones speakers, earphones etc. How would you ensure that your music sounds great on all these different systems. Checking your mix on several sound system and making adjustments accordingly rather than only relying on your studio monitors is one big mistake every musician and producer should not make.

4. You don’t use third – party plugins

It is true your DAW’s plugins are powerful and you can get 70% to 80% professional sound using you DAW’s sounds. But the notion that you don’t need a third party plugins is like a painter who won’t invest in some high quality paints, brushes and canvas. But if you want to compete with the best in the world, you’ll want to be using the same tools they are using. fortunately, you don’t all of them , what you need µis a selected group of plugins that will drastically improve your mixes and masters.

5. You think your mix is just mixing that one little thing

At one point or the other, every musician is guilty of this. You’ve spend a lot of time on your track, you’ve made some decent music. But, when you compare it to the the producers you look up to, it falls abit short. You start to think say,” if my mix just had that one thing, it would sound great.”

The truth is that your mix is not missing one thing , it is missing lots of things. This is your brain trying to simplify very complex problem that involves lots of things like EQ,  Compression, Saturation, sidechains, gain, reverb, delays. This things can’t be solved by any one tip, plugins, technique, strategy or concept.


What else are you doing that is ruining your mixes? Seriously, hit reply and respond. I read every email.

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